<span style=BEHIND THIS MASK 



Lies so much brokenness, pain and damage hidden from all, she’s tried to reach out but, no one has payed attention at all…


So many words which echo and wounded her soul, you are not good enough,

not pretty enough,

not smart enough,

Why are you even here? Your a failure to all…

No one wants you, you can disapper no one will miss you at all.


So many scars from hands placed upon it she’s been violated, beaten and more.


Which have cried more than most, they have seen so much hatred from those she trusted most… feeling as if they were right.

Why don’t they really see her? She’s been hurting so deep.

She’s been wanting

to go while she sleeps,

never to wake up and put an end to all the emptiness, anguish, judgements from all… which torment her daily she just wants some peace and get away from it all…

Oh no, someone is coming …

So, she will put on her mask now and play her role for you all…

Pretending to be happy, complete, a servant to all…

She plays this role well, putting a smile on her face while living in the purest of hell…

So, before you judge another person, please remember these words!

Strength,  beauty and character can be beaten out of us all…

Be kind to each other

for you have no idea the

story their journey at all…

You can be the difference between them really living or not wanting to at all…

Written by,

Cathy Kean

#invisibleillness #suicidedue2pain #Painispain #intractablepain #cdc #painmanagement #opioidhysteria #propaganda #falsenarrative

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