Open Letter to Lady Gaga!

Open Letter to Lady Gaga!

Lady Gaga…
I read the article about your fibromyalgia, and I see you suffering and it breaks my heart!
Only those who live this can truly get it, and understand!

I wrote an article and it was published in Pain News Network, “Living with a Beast” about my journey through pain!…/…/7/13/living-with-a-beast

Lady Gaga…
I am asking you to bring awareness to the world outside those of us who understand your journey, your limitations and pain! Those of us who suffer from intractable/chronic pain day in and day out, 24/7, 365 days a year!

Because of your celebrity, you can reach a huge sector of the population!
This would be instrumental in changing the misconceptions, and false narrative frenzy of that surrounds this community by this, false “Opioid Hysteria”!
As you know, intractable pain wreaks Havoc on your body, mind, and soul!

Lady Gaga, many are dying due to suicide! Their pain levels are exceeding what is humanly manageable without the proper medications!!! Without these tools, (our medications) that give us a sense of relief from the torturous, agonizing, wrenching, excruciating, aching, burning, never-ending, incessant, stabbing, unbearable pain even if minimally…

Are we not allowed to assemble of quality in our lives? Of functionality?
Which is what these medications provide!

Lady Gaga, since the implementation of the 2016 guidelines my life has declined 98% and I’m not exaggerating!
I used to be vivacious,
I used to work support 4 children being a single parent,
engage in church,
Sports out in the community!
I even did the occasional night out singing karaoke and dancing. I would even sing, “Poker Face”, one of your all-time greatest hits!

I used to be a special education advocate, advocating for children with autism!
I helped a lot of children receive services that enriched and bettered their lives!
I made a difference Lady Gaga!
Even if just a small sector of individuals!
I made a difference!
Isn’t that what life is about?
About giving back?
Making a difference?
You can make a big difference!
I’m asking that you do this for thy fellow man, that is broken, hurting, whose rights are being violated stomped on in every sense of the word!

The American with Disabilities Act is not being followed our very own government is breaking the law and Justice needs to be done!

Media is selling this false narrative equating us to drug addicts!
They are not adhering to their preamble their code of ethics which includes but not limited to being the voice for the voiceless!

A journalist is supposed to be seeking truth and must avoid conflicts of interest whether the conflicts of interest are real or simply perceived! Journalist always must strive for accuracy in everything they do!
Deceiving or misinforming the reader, deliberately or accidentally, is one of the worst sins in journalism!
Factual errors and conflicts of interest erode and cripple Publications credibility as a source of news and opinion. Therefore, a journalist needs to follow a code of ethics to preserve and to build their Publications credibly.
The code of ethics is an ever-evolving reference document with which every staff member should be knowledgeable. The editor of the publication retains the final judgment on all ethical questions, and ultimately, the editor shoulders the consequence of unethical practices.

So Lady Gaga we are already so compromised and challenged you are in a different Arena so you have no clue probably how desperate, how lonely how isolated so many of us feel!
Every day, I get calls from individuals who are on the edge of killing themselves! Every single day!
I talk to them and tell them to please hang on justice has to come!
Will you help us get Justice or at least awareness Lady Gaga?
Pay it forward?
Before I have to put another name on my all too overwhelming incredibly extensive suicide due to pain list?

Pain is relentless, pain is cruel, it doesn’t discriminate, it could happen to you! Anyone out there outside of the chronic pain community is just one car accident away, one surgery, one illness away potentially from living the rest of their days in disabling, torturous pain!
Literally hell on Earth!
We did not ask for this, who would?
Yet this is our walk this is our journey!
Why, are we being violated and shunned disrespected and ignored?

It is getting to be a regular theme here in the chronic pain community to hear of another chronic pain patient killing themselves.
Because they have been abandoned or tapered by their doctors the pain becomes all too overwhelming, all too consuming, depression and the thought of just one more hour, one more day, even one more minute is just too much to bear…
I can speak of this because I have been there! Not just once or twice but on many occasions! What has stopped me from doing it? My belief…
This may sound crazy and I don’t care if it does! For the past 10 years, I’ve been having a reoccurring dream! Where God comes to me and tells me to hang in there!
That you’re going to affect not just a small sector of individuals, but a large sector! Honest to God! Ask my kids lol! I thought it would be in the special education Realm but, I truly believe this is my calling!
You see Lady Gaga almost now 8 years ago… I was told I only have 3 months left to live! I weighed approximately 87 lbs then and I’m 5′ 7 and 1/2, had a surgically inserted port in my chest receiving intravenous nutrients 12 to 24 hours a day for 8 + years this.

Hearing that news, I was stunned, 3 months, 3 months! Wow, that was hard to absorb! Approximately, a week later I found out that my daughter-in-law was pregnant! My first grandbaby was on his way! I told myself, baby… that I was not going anywhere. I was going to see my first grandchild.
Long story short my beautiful Jeremiah was born. When he was 3 months, I knew he had autism! I told myself I am not going anywhere until I know he receives all the services humanly possible. To make him into the man that God truly intended him to be! Because early intervention is the key! It makes all the difference in the world! That means I have to advocate for him!

Lady Gaga guess what? I can’t do it! My grandson is a statistic of this opioid epidemic/crisis… the collateral damage aspect that no one touches on! Which is going to be exponentially worse than anything that has occurred in recent history. This will be irreversible and this country will never be the same! Broken families! Destroyed lives! Loss of life! Of livelihood, substandard living, due to not being able to work any longer!
Social Services will be overwhelmed with children whose parents can no longer take care of them. The family unit will be destroyed as we know it!
The American dream… that white picket fence will be abolished! And that is just the tip of the iceberg! All because they do not have the medication that once allowed them to work, to raise a family, to engage and interact in society is now gone!
I should rephrase that! Not going it is readily available, just not accessible not prescribed to us!
How can the governing agencies ignore the suicides due to pain in addition to all the suffering and not pay attention? Acknowledge? It is shameful it is inhumane and it is cruel!

Even United Nations policy states that pain management is a fundamental human right, under treatment or not treating it is a crime against humanity…
a form of torture!
Our government is inflicting torture on its weakest sector of citizens including veterans! Where is the humanity?
I’m asking, actually I’m pleading with you to bring awareness! I’d love to help you with this endeavor…
I have already reached out to a couple of celebrities trying to incorporate a message
Of humanity and JUSTICE!
THANK YOU FOR READING!                                                                                                          YOUR FAN,


#unitedwestanddividedwefall #suicideDue2Pain
Chronic Illness Awareness and Advocacy Coalition Cathy Kean
Lady Gaga

Suicide due to pain videos I have 7 more plus I have to make so many more to make   

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An Open Letter to Dr. Andrew Kolodny

Outstanding outstanding will share and share

The Midwest Courier

Update 6/27/18: I am overwhelmed by the positive responses I have received for this letter. I would ask that readers also take a look at all the articles and references cited in this piece, and share those as well. Those references go into much, much more detail and research than I have had space or time for here. Thank you all so much for reading and sharing, I believe we will make a difference and win this fight for our lives! #wearehere

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Dear Dr. Kolodny,

I am one of millions of chronic pain patients in the United States who has been continually and increasingly oppressed over the past few years by progressively invasive and prohibitive laws at the state and federal levels concerning the delicate relationship between doctors and patients…

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Living with a Beast!

I am living with a beast, who is cold, heartless, unmerciful, uncaring and cruel! Always, lurking around me making my life so challenging, so exhausting and beyond all so painful not only physically but mentally spiritually and emotionally!

This individual has taken so much from me. I hardly remember how it was before coming into my life! No, that is a false statement! I remember I remember well! Before this individual came into my life, I was functional I was happy!

Of course, I had challenges and difficult times. But, I could cope! I could manage! However, since I have had to deal with this horrendous evil vindictive individual. I live day in and day out in my cave (my bedroom) my bed I hardly or rarely ever venture out anymore! 98% of my life is spent here! I’ve become so isolated and alone so different from the life I used to live! I remember prior to coming into my life I used to hardly ever be in bed except to get my minimal rest!
I wish that I would have swallowed and drunk up and absorbed the greatness and beauty of the life I had.
Versus taking it for granted!

What I wouldn’t do or give to go back to that time!
I mourn me, I miss me, I know my kids and my grandchildren miss me. The woman I used to be so energetic, vivacious, outgoing, industrious, loving, friendly there wasn’t a person that could walk by me without me engaging in some kind of banter I loved life so much more then!

I am attacked when I least expect it making my life sheer misery and Hell! I have no way of knowing because it is always present, always lurking around! This has hurt my family, my career, my outlook and my sense of self! I am followed everywhere never a reprieve!

When angry, my day’s are hell and my nights sleepless. I am attacked when I least expect it, especially if I feel a sense of security. Behind me, beside me, everywhere, every day to the point where I truly cannot remember a time that I lived totally out of its grasp

Always present!

This fiends name is PAIN

Pain is brutal, savage and barbaric at times. Pain cares little for family occasions, social events or holidays. Pain forces me to stay home, pain makes sure it is ever present, right there with me, ensuring I don’t forget its brute presence for a second.

Pain has been a silent witness to some of the most extraordinary and excruciatingly painful moments of my life.

There are so many who live with this insidious beast, just like I do. We do our best to keep on living despite pain’s germinating presence. You never become immune to the tourtourous, aching, stabbing, aching suffering pain brings regardless of how long you live with it!

Prior to the 2016 guideline, I had a life! I bet your thinking, but you do have a life obviously or you would not be able to tell your little story?

Yes, I am trying to learn that this is my new normal and am trying to continue on with my life. ”I try to smile, laugh and engage despite the struggle, strain and toil it causes my body to display. But, I feel like I have been robbed!



And now without my essential tools (my medications) that gave me functionality, and any kind of quality to my life which has diminished 98% due to CDC Guidelines,
I truly don’t know how much longer I can stay in this fight, this maddness, this torment, this torture, this life?

Constant and chronic pain isn’t something you can deal with
at least not to the degree I have it, for a long period of time! My organs are starting to shut down…
I am blacking out constantly due to such high pain thresholds.
I am having cardiac issues!
I am in so much pain 80% of the time,
I pray to God to take me!

I have even begged, begged my adult children to
please, not be angry with me if I take my life! I want to be here! I want to see my grandbabies grow up. I want to enage in life again! I made a difference in peoples lives…
I use to be a parent’s last hope for true help and success when I had access to my medications.
Because I was a special education advocate…
and I was good!
I knew those feelings of desperation not knowing where to turn what to do for your child…
Your baby…
The one thing in this world you love more than
So, I began to educate myself so I could be the best dammm advocate on the planet because baby, the school system,
the government don’t really give a shi* about bridging that gap that they are deficient in no, no, no!
esp. in Autism, please!
They play like they do… but it all about the $$$$$
Long story short I would never, ever take no for an answer with my child or those I advocated for!
I did change lives!

I just wish the government, our families, friends, society etc…
would see us as human beings, with value!

Anyways, this turned into something I wasn’t expecting lol what else is new giggle, giggle

Please just know we are fighting a battle you that do not have chronic pain have and never can come close to comprehending so please be more compassionate, more loving, more accepting of our limitations!

No one would ask or want to intentionally live in this hell, this madness! I promise you!

Thank you for reading!

Cathy Kean
Chronic Illness Awareness and Advocacy Coalition
Pain is Pain.