The stagnation of non-functionality


Brainless Blogger

Functional.Put on the mask.Smile.Blend in.But different under the skin.Writhing, seething, beat of pain within.Adjust the mask.Smile.Functional..jpg

I have been a slave to pain beyond my control before but this vestibular migraine symptoms… never have I had symptoms like these steal my functionality to the point of mental stagnation.

I can’t do housework. I do maybe one thing every three days much to my immediate regret. Standing and walking is Effort.

I can’t read for pleasure because eye tracking is hard, focus is difficult and mental concentration isn’t there.

I can’t do creative writing for the same reasons I can’t read. It makes blogging difficult enough. I have scheduled some pre-written research works for this reason.

I can zone out on social media but it is hard to focus. I feel like it is at least one distraction I have available to me but I tire of it.

I can zone out on Netflix. And this isn’t bad since laying down I feel the best. But I…

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