Hi Community,

I love you all! I have been so busy fighting/advocating for Chronic Pain Patients Rights… too many individuals are committing suicide at phenomenal rates because they are in horrendous pain… feeling desperate, lost, alone, overwhelmed, scared, broken and feel like they have no other options!
Please pray for me and all the 100 Million+ Americans who suffer 24/7,

365 days a year! Will be meeting with legislators, media etc. to bring/spotlight attention to this whole man-made, opioid epidemic we are facing here in the United States of America. Shaking my head… I can not believe how badly our civil rights are being VIOLATED!
Today CHRONIC PAIN, tomorrow what… Freedom of speech?
I miss each and every one of you… really does! I think of you all on a continual basis (every day in fact) honest to God! XXXOOO
A side note if anyone suffers from chronic pain issues or you know anyone who does, please do reach out to me!
Our voices need to be heard, if we band together we can make a change!

EVEN IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A CHRONIC ILLNESS / PAIN,  one day God forbid, due to an accident, illness or other circumstances this might be your Journey too!

And/or you believe the government should stay out of our Medical /health rights and not play doctor with our lives.
We need your tears… please!
I spend approximately 16+ hours a day working on this… not just for me, but, for that veteran who is contemplating suicide because his pain is so out of control and he can’t get the medications he so desperately needs. And for that woman over there who isolates herself in her room barely ever leaves it, except to go to the bathroom.  Who feels lost, alone, desperate and curled up in a ball crying out in so much pain. Who feels like suicide is her only option!  She cannot find a doctor who will listen, care, respect, acknowledge and treat her illness/pain so many of us have the same story, yet different.
We are labeled, judged and feel as if we are the Forgotten and unimportant part of society. We feel as if the government, the medical community, most time society as a whole doesn’t care, we are labeled drug addicts, drug seekers, lazy, and the list goes on and on and on!

Imagine what that does to our self-esteem and self-worth. Especially, when you have validated, qualified medical proof of your ailments yet, you have victimized time and time again!

It does so much to mess up your psyche it’s incredible, in addition with the pain… too much!
With the new FDA guidelines they are killing us pain patients by undertreating or not treating our so painful conditions its Insanity, it’s inhumane and torture!
In fact, United Nations Policy… states that Pain Management is a Fundamental Human Right Under Treatment or not Treating is a form of torture and is a crime against humanity!

Our government is totally ignoring each and every one of our explanations and/or pleas to be heard, and the wrongs that have been done to us Made-Right.

Inaccurate, manipulated information be corrected with the right statistical information!
So many of us in the community feel as if we have no value.

Every single day, and I’m not playing, every single day. I talk to No Lie 10-30 different individuals who are desperate… have no medication or at the very end of their medical medication.  They are crying and screaming in pain, who want to kill themselves as they see no other viable option. I know exactly how they feel as that has been my mindset on numerous occasions!
I have videos of me in pain and there’s a huge difference between me properly medicated giving me the quality of life and me not medicated not wanting to go on!
I apologize for this long, long, long post…    I am just such a concerned and caring empathetic individual who tries to always stick up for the underdog!

For those who cannot stand up for themselves.

Regardless of how ill I am! Or how incredibly this is to the detriment of my health which is speeding up my eventual death! But I feel like God is telling me that this is my purpose! So I will not stop until I take my last breath!
It’s all about Humanity, mankind, empathy, and justice for those who suffer whether it be from #DEPRESSION, #RACISM, #MENTAL OR EMOTIONAL ILLNESS, #SPECIALEDUCATION #DISABILITES (AUTISM my grandbaby💙💙💙) TO #CHRONICPAIN.💜💜💜
So with no options and so much pain, there are only three options for us.

Since so many individuals are being weaned or completely taken off our medications that we have been prescribed for many many years…

#1… current guidelines are rescinded and made right more regulations put on safer prescription prescribing…. but we have access to our medications!
#2 we go to the streets probably turn to heroin as it is cheaper and easier to find. Thus, we will still be one of the statistics addicted with a possible outcome of overdose. Costing the government money which is the root of all evil and probably behind this whole made up crisis
#3… #SUICIDE our pain will not go away it is chronic it is every day, it is relentless and by taking away our medications you are not only taking away or quality of life but no viable option is replaced!

We are told to go see a psychiatrist what is a psychiatrist going to do about our pain? It is not made up it is not going to just magically go away!

Even if we were to go into mandatory as they’re trying to get bills passed that individuals who test for opioids have to go into mandatory rehabilitation centers.

Our pain is still not going to go away we are still going to have it!

All of the statistics for overdoses were all grouped together that includes aspirin, medications for diabetes, cocaine, alcohol, heroin in the illegal Fentanyl we’re all included in the statistics which was 60,000 + but that is not 60,000 prescription opioid deaths, which media, White House, Christy, and Kolondy have has led us to believe! There are more falling deaths then opioid prescription-related deaths!
I have so much more to say but will in another post! I am attaching a couple links so you could go ahead and see this information for yourself!
God bless you I love you and Happy Thanksgiving #WhatWhat #WHOOPWHOOP#YEPYEP #TOTALLY #100ALLDAYEVERYDAY XOXOX

Due to this whole opioid man-made made up crisis either join contact me or some kind of advocacy group! Day are putting inaccurate misinformation manipulated to serve their purposes out there in the media so many people are misinformed and truly believe the information that is being said to them is true and accurate when that is so far, so incredibly far from the truth! I have researched, and researched! And Edition, IB long 2 several group many that advocate and educate those who had no clue of the Injustice that is being done to chronic pain sufferers everywhere!

In fact, I belong to a very Elite group with all of the top Advocates/doctors/ authors actors and actresses /Ph.D./ professors flash chronic pain individuals etc…
We as a whole research dispute and just bill information that comes out in the media Exedra


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