My Plan B is… Stick to Plan A!!

AMEN!!!I feel the same way! You go girl! WHOOP WHOOP

Thirty Days of Autism

This past week was the marking of the third year of this blog… no fanfare needed… because there is so much work that needs to be done.

And I am busy – so busy – with working at my wonderful job as a special education teacher – with parenting my spectacular son, H (now 15) and my fabulous daughter, Nika (now almost 21 and winding up her 3rd year of university).

I am busy with connecting and hanging out with Craig the Amazing – and so appreciative of this man’s endless support of my sometimes harebrained schemes – and his patience and encouragement and faith while I work to make lofty goals and dreams a reality. And… if that wasn’t enough… he laughs at my jokes! So yes, I am blessed to have the prefect husband!

This week I am also busy preparing my presentation as a part of the…

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